Situation Critical: Hospitals grapple with an increasing shortage of registered nurse - page 2

this reporter got it right. karen hospitals grapple with an increasing shortage of registered nurses linda goodspeed special to the boston business journal from the march 22, 2002 print... Read More

  1. by   -jt
    <she was trying to implement her version of universal health care) that nurses make too much money????>

    yeah I remember that but it was nothing a little education by nurses couldnt cure. Since then she has made up for it by eating her words & fighting for nurses in our state & supporting our legislations.
  2. by   llivingston53

    Exactly right hardknox about the staffing ratio. OMG, that's really scary!! I wasn't aware of that lawsuit, and the BORN?, that's outrageous. Do you think the AMA would do that to their own, NOT.. This problem is sooo big it's starting to get depressing I'm going back to school to get nurse practitioner, and hope things are better in that arena Take care
  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi. The question for me is what competes with nurses for the hospital dollar? These other things that compete with nursing staff that causes hospital boards and executives to reprioritize patient care would seem to make the provision of health superficial. Whether we want to admit it or not, people have not evolved to the point where we can or should replace ourselves with technology and mechanical politics. We are still created as beings superior to all others. That demands that human intelligence, human interaction, with the care and compassion that no other being is capable of be placed above all others. Nurses as well as other practitioners must be placed at the forefront of advanced technology and anything ancillary to it.