September 2002 AJN Remembers 9/11

  1. FYI

    A year after the terrorist attacks of September 11, the September 2002 American Journal of Nursing includes several articles remembering that day and exploring its aftermath.

    The journal honors the 11 nurses who were killed that day, including Kathy Mazza, commanding officer of the Port Authority Police Training Academy, who saved an unknown number of people trapped in the North Tower of the World Trade Center by shooting out lobby windows to create an escape route. In another article, nurses share their reflections on life since 9/11, including what has changed and what still needs to change in the public health system. Also, a nurse involved in administering the smallpox vaccine to those researching the disease writes about the potential complications of the vaccine.

    And don't miss ANA's columns: "Health and Safety" on protecting patients and staff from pesticides; "Issues Update" on how the ANA and some states are using workplace advocacy strategies to empower nurses; and "Washington Watch" on ANA's new Web page to link nurses to members of Congress and help them stay informed on pressing legislative issues.
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