Safety-The leading priority

  1. When patients enter into hospitals they expect to receive safe and competent care from all their healthcare professionals. When that trust is breached and hospitals elect to disregard the laws (ie:retaliatory discharge/whistleblower/human rights acts/public safety acts not to mention the urse Practice act) is yet another sad of example of what happens. It is very unfortunate that hospitals and other healthcare facilities dont follow the law in these type seems the only thing that does affect them at when they are hit with these type fines.Let me know if this web address doesnt take you to the latest news site I found:
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    Oh, you just KILL me! No really, you do...
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    oh, you just kill me! no really, you do...
    canoehead...u r just too though...i have quit expecting big bussiness healthcare to put things like safety on the front burner. i know that staffing ratios are being addressed in alot of states but other than california i am not sure which states actually have them in place.does anyone else know where your state stands on mandated staffing ratios?