PSNA Asks Nurses to Support Whistle Blower Protections

  1. psna asks nurses to support whistle blower protections

    it is critical that nurses are allowed to function under the code of ethics for nurses by promoting, advocating and striving for the protection of the health, safety and rights of our patients and our community.
    house bill 2371 allows nurses to be a patient advocate by reporting any safety or quality of care issues with regards to patients at health care facilities without fear of any disciplinary action which could have a negative impact on nurses in relation to their performance and continued employment. the patient safety authority will maintain a state-wide confidential, toll free hot line to enable health care providers to report on patient safety and quality of patient care. psna strongly urges you to support whistle blower protection in order to ensure the safety and welfare of the constituents in our community.
    this bill is going to the health and human services committee on march 30, 2004, so contact your representatives in pennsylvania to support hb 2371. passage at the committee level means an automatic vote on the house floor and so your support is essential to the bills success.

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