Promoting Men in Nursing

  1. another example of educational thrust:

    career encounters®: men in nursing
    this documentary style program was developed in collaboration with the the american assembly for men in nursing, it has been produced to broadcast standards for release on television, videotape and dvd. it is also readily adaptable to web casting and pod casting.
    cost $40.00

    the program, shot on location in ohio, california, pennsylvania and washington dc, features ten registered nurses:....

    [font=times]we see lively footage of these men at work and hear answer to the following questions questions:
    * what are the best ways to attract males to nursing? have you been involved in efforts to recruit other males?
    * what challenges have you encountered by entering a traditionally female profession?
    * why did you chose nursing?
    * what have you found to be the biggest rewards from your nursing career?
    * what is the role of technology in your job?
    * what has your career path been and what are your plans for the future?
    * how hard is nursing school? what is the role of continuing education in your nursing practice?
    * what stereotypes or misplaced perceptions would you like to address as a man in nursing?
    * who were your role models in nursing?
    * do you have a life outside nursing?

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