philippines: dired up of its own nurses

  1. if america is suffering from its shortage so does the philippines.

    we constantly constantly loose our nurses in favor of britain,USA,

    ireland, singapore not to mention new zealand joining the band wagon. reports say that even medical doctors are taking up nursing in order to move to these countires. its disaster specially in our remote areas and the philippine national assoc. of nurses are quite worried. well, an average nurse for a newly grad. earns about 4000 to 5000 pesos equivalent to less than 100 us dollars.
    can you blame them? its just worrying that the rural areas suffer the most of its losses resulting to poor care, over work and overtime all of them forced. what a sad case
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  3. by   kookyscientist
    Hi, I was just wondering if you are one of the nurses that came from the Phillipines to the UK.
    You wrote:
    "We constantly constantly loose our nurses in favor of britain,USA,ireland, singapore not to mention new zealand joining the band wagon."
    I just noticed that your location is England, so I am just wondering.
    Actually where I work we have quite a few nurses from the Phillipines, and no I don't blame them for wanting to live in the USA to make more money.
  4. by   semstr
    money makes the world go around............
    from the film is a cabaret!! (but not funny at all)
  5. by   apols_uk
    oh yes im one of those nurses who flew to britain about 4 years ago. the influx of filipino nurses in here were tremendous.

    a lot of filipino nurses move to britain because of its no hassle immigration matters. some of us (including me will be moving to
    canada) its nice to work in here but as they say you have to move on. im on the internet about news at home and yes
    nurses in there has downsized dramatically specially experienced ones for the last 3 years. when i left home im earning about
    8 to 9000 pesos plus tax coz i worked in a government hospital.
    but i felt for those nurses working in the private sector.

    no sick pay. no annual leave pay. if youre lucky holiday bonus.

    no hazzard pay so i dont blame filipino nurses who want to move out. unless our fabulous government will take action. well lets say

    they'll focus on it in the next ten years because the philippines has a lot of problems(economy,unemplyment,wage hike,terrorism in the south to name a few) which are in the main agenda. well till then i should say unless our goverment will take some action
  6. by   kookyscientist
    Where in Canada are you moving to? We also have quite a few nurses from Canada that commute over the bridge or tunnel to metro Detroit hospitals, again because of the money. The currency here is double its worth in Canada. So if you are moving to the Windsor area you might want to consider that idea. They pay is pretty good here compared to what I've seen others post around the country, and the cost of living here is not bad.
  7. by   apols_uk
    i will be working in hte northeast. bellacoola quite rural but the beauty of the place really do amaze me. they offered a lot of goodies for me. i might consider states and surfed through the internet and and ive learned that wisconsin offers a nice place to live because houses and expenditures are cheaper as well.

    do you live in michigan? ive seen on your location. hows the living condition? like housing
  8. by   school angel7
    Hi Apols

    Im still here in our country(Phil.),Im working at the Department of Education as a Public Heatlh nurse (Schoolnurse).Im planning to take NCLEX exam for greener pasture but im having second afraid cause ive been here for 5 long years and to tell you the truth our job here is not that complicated compared to hospital setting.......Our salary is a lot much better than working in private hospital,our working time is flexible and we had our vacations....But working in other country is very much "in" here in our country and compared to our salary,the offers are really good.

    The thing is... do i need to start at the bottom?i dont have any hospital experience?

    Or i should stay here in our country?
    please enlighten me .
    thanks and Godbless!
  9. by   apols_uk
    dear angel,

    darling follow where your heart is. if its the usa fine

    if its the philippines its ok but you know the reason why nurses

    from our country leave dont you? youre one lucky bird

    because you are in a government institution but those nurses

    working in the private sector, just leave otherwise their talents

    are greatly wasted(time ,effort, skills).

    if you are planning to go abroad and my answere is yes

    you must have hospital experience and yes no matter how high your position in there you will start as newly qualified nurse in here which is fair enough because their practice is so much different than ours. dont listen to speculations relax but there are advantages and disadvantages and you yourself who will be the one to discover once you jump to the other side of the fence.

    just follow your intincts and you will always be on the right track.

    good luck


  10. by   apols_uk
    two years of acute hospital setting is ok. some western hospital requires 1 year. ive also passed my nclex in georgia but i have signed a contract in canada so ill go to canada first maybe at the end of this year.