Pharmacists Prescribing Medications?????

  1. is your pharmacist able to prescribe meds? what has been your experience with this practice? guess no need for doctors if this sweeps the country....

    pahouse bill 751: should pharmacist prescribe meds?

    house bill 751, also known as the pharmacy act, was introduced last february by representative bob allen (r-125) and was passed by the house of representatives last june by a vote of 198-0. hb 751 is now being considered by the senate appropriations committee and will most likely come up for a vote by the full senate before the end of the current legislative session.

    hb 751 raises serious concerns in the healthcare arena and is greatly different than the typical pharmacy practices of other states. a few states do allow pharmacists to administer immunizations. psna does not dispute pharmacists' knowledge, the issue is the appropriate assessment of reactions and the institution of interventions.

    psna is asking all nurses to communicate their concern to the senate appropriations committee. please forward a copy of your communication to psna headquarters for our records. send to:

    view hb 751 here:

    refer to your 2001-2002 legislative directory for senate contact information or visit the pennsylvania senate web site. visit senate site now...
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