PA: Wilkes-Barre General registered nurses walk picket line as strike begins

  1. About 400 Wilkes-Barre General Hospital registered nurses went on strike, with almost all of the strikers on the picket line. The hospital has hired 200 temporary nurses who will staff the hospital for 10 days, locking out the union nurses during the two-day strike and for eight days after.
    (Times, 01/30/2003 02:09 pm EST)

    Nurses put issues on line

    HOSPITAL DISPUTE Making a striking statement

    Anti-union tag unfair, company lawyer says
    Don't call Wilkes-Barre General Hospital's replacement nurses "strikebreakers," says an attorney for the firm that placed them there. The attorney for the Denver-based US Nursing Corp. defended its employees Thursday, saying the workers are not involved in the contract dispute between the hospital and its 440 registered nurses.

    Mandated overtime: Why it's in dispute
    As a strike nears, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital officials insist mandatory overtime is vital. Nurses call it counterproductive.
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