PA New Emergency Preparedness Guides available

  1. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has published a new resource guide to help Pennsylvanians become better prepared for emergencies, said Rep. Tom Gannon (R-161).

    This easy-to-use brochure informs readers on how to handle themselves during natural disasters, large-scale emergencies, and unexpected attacks. Twelve pages in length, it explains how to create an emergency plan, how to prepare an emergency kit and what to do after an emergency occurs. The guide also explains the Pennsylvania Advisory System`s color-coded ``Threat Conditions`` in order to alert citizens of possible terrorist activity in their regions.

    Some other features include emergency preparedness for special populations, including the elderly, people with disabilities, children, pets, and livestock. In addition to all of its helpful tips, it provides a listing of the county health departments and all of the numbers to call for more information.

    The brochure has been distributed in more than three million home-delivered newspapers. Copies can also be obtained from local health departments, emergency management agencies or regional EMS councils.

    For more information or to request a copy of the Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide, contact the Department of Health toll-free at 1-877-PA-HEALTH. Electronic copies are available by visiting,,, or

    Rep. Thomas Gannon
    161st District
    Pennsylvania House of Representatives
    (610) 461-5543
    (717) 783-6430
    Contact: Jennifer J. Algoe
    House Republican Communications
    (717) 787-3993
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