OJIN Issue: "The Many Faces of Diversity"

  1. OJIN's latest topic addresses "The Many Faces of
    Diversity" in relation to health care and emphasizes the
    need for providers to practice culturally competent care.

    Dee Baldwin's article presents an historical overview of
    diversity in the United States and describes current
    disparities in American health and health care related to
    ethnic/racial minorities. This article defines disparities in
    health and health care and offers solutions around these
    unequal burdens.

    Josepha Campinha-Bacote explains why cultural diversity
    and cultural competence are terms that mean something
    different to each and every person. Her article discusses
    these terms and uses these concepts to provide a model of
    cultural competence for the delivery of culturally
    responsive health care services.

    Rosalyn Watts discusses the historical experience of blacks
    in America, disparities in health for this minority group,
    and strategies for providers to incorporate "race
    consciousness" as an integral aspect of their professional
    growth as culturally competent health care providers.

    Jeri Milstead examines the policy process, which includes
    agenda setting, government response, implementation, and
    evaluation and links this process to health care diversity
    issues to illustrate the need, ease, and opportunity for nurse
    involvement in addressing these issues.

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