Nursing's Agenda for the Future Update

  1. nursing's agenda for the future update
    steering committee (sc) members championing the work of nursing's agenda for the future (naf) met at the oncology nursing society for two days in early dec. to: review the initiative's progress over the first year; evaluate current structure and process for efficiency; and identify priority work for the coming year. at the meeting, participants prioritized the 10 domains, arriving at competing issues for the number one priority: economic value and delivery systems/nursing models. sc members also discussed options for a major action plan that would address these priorities that could advance naf by a "quantum leap." the outcome: quantify nursing's contribution to cost and quality of health care. expectations are that the findings from this research will demonstrate nursing's current and potential value in reducing the cost of health-care delivery and will position nurses to participate in key policy discussions and budget priorities at the local, state and federal level. fund- raising for this "quantum leap" work, anticipated to cost around $300,000, will come largely from the nursing community- -both organizations and individuals. the american nurses foundation will be soliciting contributions shortly. for more information about naf, or for individuals or cmas interested in making a contribution to the "quantum leap" project: contact: katherine kany, ext. 7131, or <>.
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