Nurses Help Wounded Soldiers Begin Rebuilding Lives

  1. nursing spectrum: masthead date june 14, 2004

    wounded soldiers begin rebuilding lives on walter reed's ward 57

    bart vitelli, amputee clinical nurse specialist (left), and 1st lt. megan parent, rn, a staff nurse on ward 57, assist soldier anthony pizzifred, 19, who lost a leg from a landmine in afghanistan. photo by keith weller.

    bart vitelli, amputee clinical nurse specialist, applies a compression dressing to the stump of kenneth subido, a soldier who was injured by a 107 mm rocket in iraq. clarisa nichols, rn, assists vitelli. pfc. roy rutledge checks subido's infusion pump. photo by keith weller.

    great article about how nurses can help heal these soldiers using technical skills, caring and nursing presence.
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