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    American Nurses Association - Introduction of Legislation - Nurse Retention and Quality of Care Act 2001

    Washington, DC -Nov 6, 2001 - The American Nurses Association (ANA) applauds Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Gordon Smith (R-OR) for the introduction of the Nurse Retention and Quality of Care Act of 2001 to address the current crisis in nurse staffing and the emerging nursing shortage.

    The ANA believes that a major contributing factor to the current and emerging nursing shortage is dissatisfaction with the work environment. The Congressional Research Service, General Accounting Office, academic research and recent ANA surveys of American nurses have all revealed startling levels of frustration with working conditions. This dissatisfaction is leading experienced nurses to leave the bedside and is hindering recruitment efforts
    into the profession.

    The legislation will provide grants to health care organizations to allow them to develop and implement model practices that have been identified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), a subsidiary of ANA, as ways to make the workplace attractive for nurses. The ANCC recognizes facilities that have met these best practices by granting the "Magnet" designation. Magnet facilities have consistently outperformed their peers in nursing
    services, even in times of national nursing shortages.

    "Average nurse retention in Magnet facilities is twice as long as that of non-Magnet institutions," said ANCC President Cecilia Mulvey, PhD, RN. "More important, patients in Magnet facilities experience fewer negative outcomes, shorter lengths of stay, and increased satisfaction with their health care services. This legislation builds on model practices with a proven track record."

    "ANA is pleased to endorse the efforts of Senators Clinton and Smith to further implement these proven best practices through the Nurse Retention and Quality of Care Act," said ANA president Mary E. Foley, MS, RN. "At a time when nurses are in great demand, it is critical that we bolster the nursing workforce by adopting and developing models that we know already work."

    Now is the time to contact your Congressman and US Senators and urge their support of the
    Nurse Retention and Quality of Care Act 2001

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    Senators Introduce Magnet Hospital Incentive Bills

    Congressional testimony about Magnet Hospitals as the appropriate model to address workplace issues and consultation with ANA staff prompted US Senators to introduce Federal bills aimed at providing incentives for hospitals to put in place Magnet Hospital Standards.

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-NY, introduced the Nurse Retention and Quality Care Act of 2001, which would provide grants to hospitals to improve nurse retention and implement successful nursing care models. Sens. Joe Lieberman, D-CT, and John Ensign, R-NV, introduced the Hospital-Based Nursing Initiative Act, which would provide financial incentives for hospitals to foster retention and recruit nurses back to the inpatient setting.

    Now is the time to contact your Congressmen and US Senators to support these bills.

    Free fact sheets available online for your use.

    American Nurses Association | Legislative Branch: Government (Federal) Affairs
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    Hi -jt. Is it true that the trend toward increased ambulatory treatment has begun to reverse itself and that there will be an even greater need for inpatient staff then originally anticipated? Is it true that as the population ages that health and medical care will be within either extreme of inpatient or community and home health? Responses from anyone appreciated.
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    just wondering if anybody has contacted their elected gov't officials & told them how we want them to vote regarding this??