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  1. nurses, for the most part, assist in the treatment of disease. we are part of the system of "modern medical miracles" that the general public sees on tv and reads about in the headlines. despite the undoubted benefits of that system in its time and place, the true miracle that has led to the greatest advance in general population health over the past century is the betterment of social and living conditions for more and more people. people like nurses.... and the people we know in our lives.

    clean water. clean air. adequate nutrition. adequate housing. general education. universal health care. stable and meaningful work. these are the true miracles of modern health. these have led to longer and better lives for more people than all the mris and transplants ever have - or ever will. and it seems that just as these values started to show promise for a more caring (remember that?...caring?) society, they are at higher risk of being eroded away in favour of a return to nineteenth century laissez-faire thinking.
    check out the nurse active website created by charlene & bill long. both are registered nurses in antigonish, nova scotia. site has extensive canadian and some us links.

    "a home page for nurses dedicated to trade unionism, social justice and political action"

    how to's of political action: how to lobby by letter, by phone, in person excellent advice.
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi Karen. Thanks for the information. Perhaps what is happening is not necessarily a return to 19th century thinking. It may be simply a change to the models advocated by other 19th or earlier century philosophers. Darwin comes to mind.