Nominate a Community Health Leader for Robert Wood Johnson CHLP award

  1. robert wood johnson community health leadership program award
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    the robert wood johnson community health leadership program (chlp) honors 10 people each year for creating or enhancing health programs serving underserved communities. the award is $120,000. $105,000 is for the support of the leader's program and $15,000 is a personal stipend.

    candidate must be working full time at the grassroots level; may not have received significant national recognition; must be in "mid-career," with at least five and no more than 15 years of community health experience. nominations are open and can be made by consumers, community health leaders, health professionals and government officials who have been personally inspired by the nominees. the chlp letter of intent (loi) must be received by september 22, 2004. for more information or to download the loi, visit the chlp website at
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