No more BSN/RN

  1. Cheers to a new spirit of unity in nursing!

    I think we've all had good and bad moments with cowokers of any educational background. Heck, look at all the dumb MD's that are out there and you can't tell me education is the be all and end all of quality care.

    How has a nursing coworker set an example to you, so you gave better care, or could deal with a situation that intimidated you?

    I've got lots- Combative delusional patients-don't try to reason with them, but as gently as possible give them a med to calm them. Tell them you are trying to help, but get them the drugs that will make them comfortable and feel safer before doing anything beyond the initial triage. And never, never, never, never remove restraints without a consensus decision and lots of backup- you may really need the help!
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    Can you place a link to your post? Thank you.