NJ: Safe Staffing Bills needing support

  1. from: new jersey state nurses assoc.: february 13, 2004

    bills to watch

    s555/a2004 staffing bills these bills establish minimum rn to patient ratios

    see below for details on the eagleton institute for politics for the publics interest in setting minimum ratios.

    members have been calling about staff ratios. there seems to be a growing concern that njsna is not pushing for mandated ratios. i have personally received three calls from distressed nurses caring for upwards of 12 patients on medical surgical floors. i like to set the record straight by saying that njsna supports mandated ratios and have been actively lobbying for support from the legislature. it is clear that something must be done to put an end to unrealistic work loads.

    please don't stop calling! i like to hear from members and if anyone is interested in testifying before the state senate or assembly, please contact me. i also urge all members to please contact your legislators about the staffing issue and let them know what it is really like on the very front lines and how patients are affected.

    senator joseph vitale (d-19) and senator fred madden (d-4) have sponsored s1078 which allows apns to prescribe all medications under joint protocol. this is a change in current law that does not allow initiation of controlled substances.

    sharon rainer, msn, rn, np,c
    director of legislative affairs

    rainer's report is a regular column of njsna that reports on legislative activity in nj. karen
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    this website was created due to current deteriorating and unsafe staffing conditions in nj hospitals and other institutions. it has been created for nurses, patients and families. the links contained in this website will connect you to beneficial information, and assist you in letting your voice be heard