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Hello I am a pre clinical student finishing my last of the pre reqs this fall. Doing the pre reqs gives me a chance to sit with the non nursing students and I get to know many of them. I am very... Read More

  1. by   Mijourney
    Hi Wildtime. Patronizing those of us who indicate that we entered nursing as a calling does not make your point of view any more or less significant than ours. I would dare say that every human being exhibit some degree of the qualities of religiosity and spirituality, good or bad. Every one I know is religious about something and is influenced by a good or evil spirit at one time or another.

    A person that comes into nursing as a career, in my opinion, may or may not benefit the profession itself in the long run. I have worked with many career nurses who have met with success in nursing to their benefit but not necessarily to the benefit of the patient or others. I do feel that if a nurse is passionate, dedicated, and committed to the cause of the public's health and excellence in nursing practice as another poster indicated, that they tend to be valuable assets to the profession.

    Also I want to point out that there are physicians that have and still do make great personal sacrifices and have suffered in their passion, dedication, and commitment to their patient and their profession. I have worked with these doctors over the years. There are many physicians that would be insulted by the notion that someone would suggest that they have a superficial attitude toward their career.

    Wildtime, I can appreciate your perspective on the basis of your years of experience in nursing and life in general. You bring much food for thought- approaches and ideas that many veteran nurses like me have not considered. We have much to learn from nurses like you. But, it's quite clear from some of your posts that you have a way to go.
  2. by   Mijourney
    Hi Wildtime. I appreciate you clarifying your comments. And yes, I entered nursing as a calling, but sometimes during my career, my eyes were opened.

    I think in this particular case, we both should let this seemingly caring, concerned, and enthusiastic nursing student get in the door and decide on what the priorities should be. For me, it was not about money when I entered nursing, but money was important. Over the years, as I and my family have progressed, the need for a good income has taken on more significance. In the last ten years or so, my income has lost alot of spending power. When I first started nursing, I wasn't making much, but the cost of living was not out of sight either.

    One more point Wildtime. As you may know, money is not evil. It's the love of money that is evil. Many high earning CEOs cry foul when the mention is made of their exorbitant income and perks, but one has to wonder where their hearts are in all of this.
  3. by   jen74
    Off topic here, but just for arguments sake, I don't really think a love of money is evil, or even the persuit of it. I do however have a problem with greed. And putting money say, before a human life(relationships etc). And I read somewhere (don't know exactly) that in the past 20 years the CEO's salary has increased exponentially while the worker bee's has not. This pinch is being felt everywhere in every industry. Every one I know is pretty outraged that a CEO makes such a profit even when their co. does not. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle gets stuck every time. End of rant
  4. by   motherhenjjs
    To all the above posts:
    As a RN who is the average age of all nurses(48) and practicing for over 26 years, it is depressing to read all the bitterness conveyed in this forum. NURSES HAVE ALWAYS EATEN THEIR YOUNG and this is a prime example of it. Do not discourage anyone who wants to come into this field. We all did not know what was out there when we began to practice!!! No matter what anyone tells you as a student it is not the same as doing any skill independently for the first time!
    I have taught many a nurse in the OR where I practice. Let me tell you that it was the most senior RN's that I would not place the learners with. I did not want new people to become discouraged and quit.
    Nursing is the most wonderful and the most exasperating thing I do. Taking care of a patient and making them feel more comfortable in this scary world of healthcare is the only goal I strive for. Yes we are all short handed without any time for the extra things we used to do for our patients. But there have been many shortages before and it was very bad before and we all survived.
    One has to focus on the center of why we are practicing-for the patient be he/ she young old infant whatever. We have a repsonsibility to them to do the best we can. Yes its hard and yes it is most definitely wonderful.
  5. by   Forevermomof5
    Well said Motherhen! In every field of work there is something to complain about. I wish we all could be a little bit more positive!