National Legislative Issues

  1. Need info on Legislative Initiatives or Governmental affairs? Refer to ANA's Government Affairs Page @

    Topics adressed with multiple links include:

    ANA Information for 2001
    Nurse State Legislators

    Real Solutions to the Nurse Staffing Crisis
    ANA's Nationwide State Legislative Agenda on Staffing

    Legislative Maps
    Nurse Staffing Systems and Ratios Whistleblower Protection
    Mercury Pollution Prevention
    Needlestick Injury Prevention
    Mandatory Overtime
    Nursing Quality Indicators
    Nursing Workforce Data Collection
    Nursing Education
    Nursing Workforce Studies

    ANA Information for 2000

    1.Analysis and Comparison of Advanced Practice Recognition with Medicaid Reimbursement and Insurance Reimbursement Laws
    2. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Providers Reimbursement of Advanced Practice
    3.Continuing Education Requirements for Prescriptive Authority
    4.Prescriptive Authority
    5.States Recognizing Advanced Practice Under Independent Acts, Separate Titles of Advance Practice Acts, or Regulations
    6. States That Require HIV/AIDS Continuing Education
    7.States Which Recognize Clinical Nurse Specialists in Advanced Practice

    Legislative Maps

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
    Amendments to Nursing Practice Acts (General Provisions)
    Continued Competence
    Direct Entry Midwives
    Ergonomic Requirements
    Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact
    Latex Allergies
    Mandatory Overtime
    Needlestick Injury Prevention
    Nursing Quality Indicators
    Pharmacists' Scope of Practice
    Physician Collective Bargaining Initiatives
    Sufficient Staff and Staffing Ratios (In Other Than Long-Term Care Facilities)
    Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
    "Whistleblower" Protection
    Workplace Violence

    Needlestick Injury Prevention
    1.ANA Testimony before the Comittee on Human Services, District of Columbia City Council 5/31/00
    2.ANA Testimony before the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, U.S. House of Representatives 6/22/00
    3.Needlestick Injury Prevention - State Legislation

    Interstate Practice
    Evaluation of ANA's 1998 House of Delegates 14 points of interstate/multistate practice

    Other Links of Interest
    Register to Vote!
    Council of State Governments
    Government-Sponsored Internet Sites of Interest
    Library of Congress: Meta-Indexes for State and Local Government Information
    National Council of State Legislatures
    Washington Area State Relations Group
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