Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate(s) calls for 100 Million for stem cell research

  1. dfl candidate for governor mike hatch is trying to make embryonic stem cell research a key issue in this year's campaign. for the second time in a month, hatch held a news conference to propose a $100 million state investment in stem cell research. hatch also called for gov. tim pawlenty to distance himself from president bush on the stem cell research issue.

    bush vetoes stem cell research bill"there is no reason for us to lose out with regard to stem cell research. we can move forward," says hatch. "and you know we've got the footprint for it here, and we've got great expertise. we need an investment in it. and it's something that we've got all these corporations that can get involved in it. we can set the moral guidelines, and we can save people's lives."
    hatch and other supporters say stem cell research could produce cures for a broad range of diseases, including alzheimer's, parkinson's and muscular dystrophy. many opponents object to the use of human embryonic stem cells based on religious beliefs.
    hatch was joined by cheri gunvalson, a nurse from gonvick and the mother of a 14-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy. gunvalson says stem cell research is the only hope her son jacob has to rebuild his ravaged muscles.

    "scientists have had great success using stem cell research in rebuilding the muscles of a dog with duchenne muscular dystrophy. we can't throw roadblocks in the way of a cure," says gunvalson.

    gunvalson says she opposes abortion. she claims misinformation has been spread about stem cell research to convince abortion opponents to also oppose stem cell research.
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