Mandatory Overtime

  1. Recently I inquired about a full time position at a local hospital and I was turned down becasue I told her in the interview that I would not work mandatory overtime
    Is this sick or what... talk about cutting off your own nose..
    I do not understand.
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    Good for you nsmith_rn! You certainly are better off knowing what kind of employer they would have been. All of us should be upfront about this issue when we are hired.
  4. by   NicuGal
    Isn't that discrimination?
  5. by   kjmta57
    In the state of calif we still have mandatory overtime unfortuntaly SB1027 has been watered down quite abit since it first was written and is now on hold
  6. by   nsmith_rn
    IT was about a year ago that I grew a spine.
    I will not work mandatory ovetime
    It is dangerous
    and your right it is discrimination
    against me becasue I have a life and do not want to work 50 hours a week
  7. by   nurse T
    Exactly! I just got fed up last week. I was on call and worked from 8am to 1130 pm, solid. I asked for help from my sup. about 4pm that day, all I got was " oh, you can do it." I tell ya what, I was so tired driving home, I could hardly see or drive a straight line. I let it be known that was the last time that I would do that. Sooo... dangerous. My sup's response was, " You're having family problems, Sometimes that carries over into your work." They'll just get some other nurse to do it if I quit. I don't care, I'm tired of being a weeny and being taken advantage of.
  8. by   nsmith_rn
    Nurse T your so right
    If I hear " you can do it" one more time
    I think that I am going to scream.
    When I went to nursing school
    I must have been absent the day that they said
    we would be underapperciated, over worked, Under paid
    and STRESSED out by the supervisors.
    I am so glad I have this place to vent
  9. by   Jenny P
    Nurse T, your superviser said you're having family problems....? Hold on a minute! If you are like anybody else, the excessive hours of mandatory overtime can cause family problems! Your supervisor had no right to say that to you or anyone else! That was discriminatory and slanderous; and it has no bearing on your job.
  10. by   johnboy
    Our last union contract specified that there be no mandatory overtime except in case of extreme emergency, natural disaster, etc. It does give me supreme satisfaction to "just say no" to the supervisor. Too bad! I'm not their slave in the least. Perhaps if they hired some new nurses they wouldn't be in this predicament so often.
  11. by   nsmith_rn
    that is how they are treating us like
    this is the 21 century and ( not to not include the men in our profession) But as a female dominated profession we as women are still being walked on.
    Well I can say that my back is worn out.
    It is time for the tred marks that mysupervisors have made to heal.
  12. by   majic65
    I quit a job last year because I was "asked " to work 2 to 4 12 hour shifts a week OVER and ABOVE the three I had agreed to when hired. This was also the facility that when we had severe staffing problems, I got them solved for the next shift, then E-Mailed my mgr. to tell her the situation. Her response? "If you had enough time to E-Mail, you must not have been short-staffed."
    Funny thing--this never happened when I first went to work after graduation some years ago. Its happening now because many hosptials just find it cheaper to use OT than to fill the openings they have. Think about it--one employee's benefits, taxes, etc. vs. two. They go with one, and just require OT.
    I will never do this kind of thing again. It is not safe for me or my patients, and it sets a BAD precident.
  13. by   PhantomRN
    It is sad that money has made it to the forefront for decision making. We will never stop being door mats until we start saying no to their unrealistic demands.

    I am curious how other facilities are doing OT? At my place what they do is have us sign up for an extra 12 hour OT shift per week (they label it as on-call, but we always get called in)

    Are other places just tacking on extra hours at the end of the shift? That is two different things as far as the safety of ones patients goes.
  14. by   nsmith_rn
    the way they work it is like this
    Ok your fullt ime then you have to be "on call" one extra day a week and if your part time the same thing.
    Well when I asked how often do nurses get called in she said evry on call day
    I said that is not mandatory on call that is mandatory overtime.
    She looked at me like I was nuts and said well you can work part time ( with no benefits) and that would be ok.
    I replied why should I have to work for less ( bennies< pay, etc) becasue I do not want to work the overtime.
    So for me and all the nurses out there I said I will not do it find another nurse.
    Insane with the shortage they had they should have been begging me to come and work there.
    Instead they have one less specialty area nurse