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  1. "Maine Nurses Reestablish Ties with National Organization

    ANA Welcomes Maine Nurses Back to the Fold

    Washington, DC -- Registered nurses (RNs) in Maine have established a new association of RNs committed to working with the American Nurses Association (ANA). ANA-Maine was overwhelmingly accepted as ANA's newest constituent member on June 18.

    As an alternative to the Maine State Nurses Association (MSNA), which disaffiliated from ANA in April 2001, ANA-Maine offers RNs the opportunity to reconnect to the national organization. "Many MSNA members were disturbed over the disaffiliation from ANA," said ANA-Maine President Joe Niemczura, MS, RN. "Without the national connection, our ability to have a real impact on issues affecting the profession locally and nationally was threatened." Niemczura further noted that Maine nurses were eager to reconnect their national ties. "Shortly after the disaffiliation vote, we began organizing, eager to establish a new ANA state member. The issues facing the nursing profession are too critical to our practice and our patients for us to stand alone. We wanted access to the support, resources and vast knowledge ANA has to offer."

    Equally excited about the establishment of ANA-Maine is ANA President Mary Foley, MS, RN. "With the numerous workplace issues facing nurses today, it will take a united effort to make changes in the health care industry," said Foley. "The ANA and its constituent members are ready and able to take on the health care industry and put an end to short staffing, mandatory overtime and working conditions that harm nurses' health and safety and endanger patient care." Foley further noted that equally challenging will be assuring adequate numbers of nurses are prepared for future health care challenges. "We're glad that ANA-Maine will be joining us as we work toward change," exclaimed Foley.

    For additional information or to become a member of ANA-Maine, contact ANA-Maine President Joe Niemczura, MS, RN, at 207-667-0260 or "
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    Massachusetts Nurses Reconnect with ANA
    MARN Becomes Newest Constituent Member
    Washington, DC --The American Nurses Association (ANA) has accepted as its newest constituent member a new association of nurses in Massachusetts who are eager to reconnect to the national organization. The Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses (MARN) was overwhelmingly approved as a new member by the ANA Board of Directors on May 24.

    Massachusetts nurses created MARN as an alternative to the Massachusetts Nurses Association that disaffiliated from the ANA. "Many MNA members saw no future for themselves in an organization that is no longer associated with the ANA, the national voice of nursing," said MARN President Karen Daley, MPH, RN, who is the past president of MNA. Daley further stated, "Nurses around Massachusetts are very excited at the news that MARN is now the ANA state member. We all look forward to being a part of ANA and joining with nurses across the country who are working together to advance the causes of safe, quality patient care, high professional standards and advocacy for our patients and ourselves."

    ANA President Mary Foley, MS, RN, expressed excitement over ANA's newest constituent member. "Countless nurses in Massachusetts told us they wanted to remain connected with ANA. Now we are able to accommodate their requests through MARN. We look forward to working with MARN as we continue our quest to improve the working environment for nurses and ensure that patients get the safe, quality care they deserve."

    For additional information or to become a member of MARN, contact MARN President Karen Daley, MPH, RN at e-mail address: or call 781-344-6926.
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