LPN'S in un. Mgr. Positions. How is it legal for them to clinically supervise RN's?

  1. I'm a RN and I work in Long term care at the moment. I'm a humble nurse, but I also am a confident nurse. I handle problems when they arise, regardless of the age of my patients; patients have the same rights regardless of their age! Communication with families is a big part of my position and I strive to make them feel comfortable in entrusting their loved one(s) into our care. I've been experiencing a problem with the unit manager since I began my position at this facility one-year ago. It seems the unit manager is always trying to "check" me about what I discuss with families, why I use certain interventions with my patients, and why I go "above and beyond"! She recently accused me of practicing outside of my scope of practice, when I sat down with a family and explained signs and symptoms of a diagnosis that was given to the patient. I suppose I would feel differently about her being my unit manager if she were more polite and more educated. Education has a lot to do with clinical supervision. Since when did educating a family and knowing the disease process become practicing outside the scope of practice for an RN?
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  4. by   herring_RN
    Look at the RN and LPN practice act for your state.
    Does the LPN require supervision?
    Does the RN?
  5. by   RNnLTC
    According to Michigan, the LPN is required to practice under an RN, Physician or Dentist, and cannot clinically supervise an RN or ancillary personnel for that matter. They are allowed to administratively supervise, which entails staffing and paperwork. An RN is required to practice under a physician or dentist and can supervise LPN's and ancillary personnel. With that being said, I am still confused as to why my facility does not comply with that.