Letter Campaign re Nurse Reinvestment Act

  1. **March 11, 2002**

    ANA Urges You to E-mail Your Congressional
    Delegation - Nurse Reinvestment Act

    On December 20, both the House of Representatives and
    the Senate passed the Nurse Reinvestment Act. Although
    the bills differ in some respects, both would authorize loan
    repayment programs and scholarships for nursing students,
    and public service announcements to encourage more
    people to enter the nursing profession.

    ANA is concerned that Congress has failed to take action to merge and renact the Nurse Reinvestment Act. The longer this action is delayed, the more likely this bill will be lost among other Congressional priorities. We need your help to urge Congress to make the final push to enact the Nurse Reinvestment Act.

    Do not delay! Now is the time to contact your delegation.

    More info re bill text, letter content suggested items also House and Senate link----
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