Lessons Learned: New York Downtown Hospital and 9/11

  1. lessons learned: new york downtown hospital and 9/11
    by tony dajer, m.d., for healthleaders news, oct 05, 2006

    moving forward

    the experience in the ed at downtown hospital on 9/11 illuminates what can happen in an emergency room when tragedy strikes on a grand scale. more importantly, it shows how--although no hospital can ever fully prepare for something of that magnitude--superior organization and teamwork can help staff members perform lifesaving miracles under the most dire of circumstances.

    in the five years since the attacks, downtown hospital has been fortunate to stay open despite several recovery challenges. coming full circle, we've been able to implement changes as a result of the many lessons learned from that day--and the days following--as we've looked ahead to the future of care and emergency response in our city:
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