Learning From Teachers' Walkout

  1. Another great example of how a well-organized group can call attention to its issues:

    School's out as teachers gear up for rallies

    OLYMPIA - An estimated 15,000 teachers, parents and students are expected to rally Tuesday in Spokane, the Tri-Cities and Olympia Tuesday morning, closing down more than a third of Washington's school districts.

    Participants want Gov. Gary Locke to uphold the will of the people, who voted for cost-of-living increases for teachers and reduced class sizes, said Rich Wood, spokesman for the Washington Education Association.

    This has garnered what will end up being extensive news coverage for several days. All local TV channels have promised in-depth and continuous coverage today as the group marches on the capitol. Groups of teachers are being bussed to Olympia from Seattle, while a small group from one of the north districts is running a relay all night to reach Olympia in the morning.

    Although the linked article appears to focus on negative reactions of parents scrambling to make arrangements for their school-age kids, the actual TV coverage has been neutral - positive/supportive.
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