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My hospital is working on getting nurses from the Phillipines to fill some of our needs. We have been in the paper process for almost a year and now it looks like we actually will be getting some of... Read More

  1. by   cutesabutton
    I think I also need to make a clarification. First of all I am not a typical white American nurse making my statements. I am not WHITE. I am not a prejudice person for sure! I think Flory was asking just some basic questions on how others felt and their experiences. So, the poster that immediately tried to downgrade her grammar was unfair. Keep on subject. Don't take these responses as personal because you are not apparently fitting the description of the many nurses we have run into. OK?
  2. by   NancyRN
    Make that 37! I'll say a little prayer for you. Trying to join that group now.

    Here is another link for disabled Nurses:
  3. by   Rock
    If we had a career-ladder, we wouldn't have to
    import from any country.

    The langauge is different, the customs, etc.

    Americans can get on the career ladder and progress
    to RN in a few years. No need to import!

  4. by   Lorodz
    to imeejon

    I am a filipino student in one of the prestigous schools in this
    I HIGHLY disagree about imeejon saying that my country is a degree milling.
    Yes i agree with you that some professors here can be bribed, but that doesnt apply to each and everyone of them. In the Philosophy of Logic, you are violating the fallacy of hasty generalization.
    Im studyng in a jesuit university, and almost all of the professors here are guided by the principles of it. THEY DONT ACCEPT BRIBES IN EXCHANGE FOR AN A
    I admit that my school is nothing compared to your school. But hey we can be as competitive as our western counterparts be.
    Imeejon, here is my advice, don't be so pessimistic of our country, you are a filipino and you should be proud of it rather than being a TRYING HARD to fit in a culture that is not yours.geezzz nakakahiya hahaha!
  5. by   Lorodz
    hi peeps!
    im gonna shift to nursing school at the second semester. Im currently taking up Psychology as my major. Will anyone accept this as a good decision? thanks!
  6. by   nursesrocks
    US won't face nursing shortage if schools make it easier to get into the program and hire more teachers! Imagine there is a year and a half waiting list to get into LPN Program here where I live! And this community college here wants a bunch of pre-requisites classes, a CNA certificate, a CPR card, immunization forms etc. In short, its so hard to get into nursing school. In Phils., all a student need is a high school diploma, pass the college entrance test and you can get in the nursing program.
  7. by   Bevi
    Originally posted by apols_uk

    i do work with norwegians in here but not as impressed either.

    Is this not an inflammatory statement....?
  8. by   Katnip
    Nurserocks, there's a reason for prerequisites, immunizations, and CPR.

    Nursing school isn't easy. It's not just giving meds and changing dressings. It requires knowledge of sciences.

    I work with nurses from the Phillipines. Most have or are working on a Master's degree in schools here. I guarantee, they had to work hard to get there.
  9. by   Mira
    As previously posted,I agree that treat anyone as you would like to be treated(i.e. treat them as a co-worker anyway,there is a governing body responsible for looking for their qualifications and accepting them).The messages here got more than enough information on how you will deal with Filipino nurses.Some of my colleagues are saying that most of the Filipinos are difficult to get on with regards to going out for a drink,the answer I got is they are reserved and don`t want to get a bad impression in case the influence of the alcohol will sets in.Stop stereotyping and treat them as an individual.Respect comes from within.

    To imeejon:I was utterly disgusted with you claiming that you are from the same country as Apols and yet making a bad impression and bragging about your Queen`s tongue.If you had a bad experience from your hometown,is it appropriate to say something that will be printed in the minds of those who hasn`t got any idea what the Philippines is like?For your information the British Educational Body is looking into the Philippine School Curriculum,they are starting to recognize graduates from the University of the Philippines,Ateneo,La Salle and others. In UK,a Filipino nurse like others can apply for permanent residency after 4 years and then Citizenship after another year.

    To anyone:with the figures given here(Filipino nurses), I am not surprised if there is a percentage that goes below one`s expectations.Nevertheless, to treat anyone like a dirt without any feelings is a social injustice.
  10. by   nursesrocks
    Originally posted by cyberkat
    Nurserocks, there's a reason for prerequisites, immunizations, and CPR.

    Nursing school isn't easy. It's not just giving meds and changing dressings. It requires knowledge of sciences.

    I work with nurses from the Phillipines. Most have or are working on a Master's degree in schools here. I guarantee, they had to work hard to get there.
    My sister is a Philippine nurse. Her college curriculum was way too easy compare to mine. Anyway, its ok just trying to evaluate why there is such a shortage in nursing in US. I have nothing against Philippine nurses because I have Philippine heritage but I'm just saying BSN students from phils got it easy. She passed the US Nursing test so shes smart (like me - genes you know hehe j/k) so that proves US schools does not have to overkill students with school work. The smart ones will prevail hehe... (FYI to Filipinos - My sister graduated from La Salle, one of the top Philippine schools and I'm just going to a community college which is considered an easier school in US)
  11. by   barb4575
    As an educator and one who stays active in clinical practice as well...I find this topic very interesting. From my experience with Filipino nurses, they are amongst the best nurses that I have ever worked with to date. I believe it is due to their culture whereby they are taught as women to work hard, provide service and they highly respect the elderly population. But, after recently talking to a Filipino physician, he informed me that the nurses who are coming here now are physicians in his country. He said they will make the competition for nurses here stiff...not sure I totally agree with that, but this is was what he had informed me. Any thoughts on this?

  12. by   nursesrocks
    Immigration laws on hiring professionals overseas clearly indicate that employers should hire american nationals and residents first. When employers can show proof that they cannot hire here in US, then they can hire overseas. You can go to the ins website to view the guideliness. I think the root of the problem is the long wait list on nursing programs due to lack of professors and facilities??
  13. by   uk_nurse
    The filipino nurses have been in uk for a while.Unfortunately there has been some problems. They do have to do a training course before being a staff nurse. There seems to be a language problem too. Even though they can speak English sometimes it is difficult to understand and vice versa. The filipinos are lovely people and so caring. I think before employing them they should speak and understand English. I know English is difficult language to learn, but it is a necessity to understand. After all patient care is paramount.