Hot job markets 2006

  1. from bizjournals october 2nd, 2006 article:

    florida markets dominate u.s. job growth

    ...bizjournals uses a nine-part formula to analyze the employment situations in the 100 major markets. the current ratings are based on midyear data compiled by the u.s. bureau of labor statistics, covering the period from 2001 to the current year.

    first place belongs to cape coral-fort myers, a southwest florida metro that has 230,000 jobs. a steady influx of new residents, coupled with a healthy tourism sector, are driving the rapid expansion of that employment base, which is growing by almost 1,000 jobs a month.

    the two runners-up in bizjournals' standings are no. 2 las vegas and no. 3 phoenix, which have enjoyed consistently strong growth since 2002.
    las vegas has boosted its employment by 25.6 percent in five years, the fastest rate posted by any market outside of florida. phoenix has added 271,900 jobs over the same period, the biggest gain in raw numbers for any metropolitan area.
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