Hospital "Brand Awareness" ---getting thy name to be #1

  1. From HEALTHLEADERS.COM May5th,2003 Fact File

    BRAND AWARENESS: An Uneasy Relationship

    Healthcare is finally getting comfortable with branding strategies.

    Unlike in many other industries where branding their products is as natural as breathing the air, healthcare providers have often felt uncomfortable selling themselves to patients. After all, the Hippocratic oath was never part of a marketing campaign.

    But in this Internet- and mass-media-driven world, brand awareness has become an integral -- and somewhat necessary -- part of educating patients about treatments, drugs and options available to them in the constantly evolving healthcare matrix.

    Therefore, it has never been more vital for physicians, hospitals, insurers, and pharmas to understand how brand awareness relates to their businesses and how they can use branding techniques to create better bonds with patients and, ultimately, better patient care for all.

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    Let's make sure NURSING is included in these "Promotions". I always tell the hospital mgmt they are missing some of the biggest promoters : VISITNG NURSES!!!

    Can't tell you the number of times patients with poor experiences just request a name or info where to get best care and often would ask me (homecare RN) for a name. I always give at least three for patients to choose unless managed care then direct them to call HMO. Have helped some fill out hospital survey to get attention to a situation..put many are afraid "don't want to get my doctor mad" Karen
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