Hints for new nurses to decrease reality shock

  1. From: Lousiana State Nurses Assocation

    Student to RN: Workplace Advocacy As a Transition Tool

    Carol A. Tingle, MSN, RN

    Welcome to nursing! This special welcome is to the energetic "new nurses" who are exchanging the comfort of the school setting for the reality of the work world. You have heard the term "reality shock", workplace advocacy strategies could help you experience "static electricity" rather than "electrocution." Although originally conceived as information geared toward new graduates joining the nursing profession at this time of year, this information may be useful to nurses experiencing transition in their workplace setting. Transition issues, emotions, and strategies will be explored.

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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi Karen. This is not only a good way for the LSNA to get support for their organization, but it may be helpful to some people newly entering the profession to find mentors and aid in their transition from becoming a neophyte to a professional.