high turnover hallmark of disrespectful work enviroment

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  3. by   Youda
    The problem is much more involved that just disrespect. In our healthcare system, admin is rewarded for dysfunctional and bullying behaviors; in fact, it is considered the "norm." Other countries have recognized how toxic and costly this is to the workplace. The US is only just beginning to be aware as we tackle the causes of school shootings and the health effects of workers who are subjected to it. To idenity a toxic work environment, look at the following factors, and take some time to educate yourself about workplace bullying, so that we can start eliminating it in the healthcare system.

    rate of staff turnover
    amount of sick leave
    number of stress breakdowns
    number of deaths in service
    number of ill-health retirements
    number of early retirements
    number of uses of disciplinary procedures
    number of grievances initiated
    number of suspensions
    number of dismissals
    number of uses of private security firms to snoop on employees
    number of times the employer is involved in industrial tribunals or legal action against employees