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    I have a question, I attended a for profit college for nursing, I was terminated from job shortly after starting college and became homeless and had to live in a shelter w/my daughters. My question is 1) Can the institution I was attending send me back to that facility during my last term of training? Also if a student struggles to get to clinicals due to lack of transportation. I pleaded not to be assigned to go to this facility where many of my former employees found it so amusing that some literally drove to the shelter my family and I had to stay in to stay ins parking lot to witness this for themselves. I remained assigned there. I am in the process of filling a grievance with the Dean, I this document is about 13 pages that Chronicles I feel that have unfairly caused me to be failed despite passing exit exams, B+average, and a big mess. I am very happy that I have found this site is there anyone who can help me with the process. I don't want to go into too much detail, after Karma came to visit the supervisor who unjustly terminated me got terminated while I was attending clinicals at this facility, I believe the staff and instructor decided to fix me up for her. I was ask to a procedure that I was not taught to do and when I stated so, the instructor told me to do it again and walked away, I was told I would have to repeat this term again. I can't give details for fear of derailing my effort by possible readers hear. Anyone know of some clear no no's that institutions are governed ethically and by Board of Nursing are not to do.

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    We cant offer legal advice and since you have a grievance already filed, you would be wise to not post on the internet about this situation.