Health Care Spending Growth Rate Falls Again

  1. health care spending growth rate falls again

    recent research released by the center for studying health system change indicates that health care spending fell in 2003. many experts are suggesting that health services dropped as a result of workers being forced to pay more for care.

    experts have also suggested that these costs are outpacing inflation and should be of concern for the public, particurally for those who can not afford health care..

    health-care spending per privately insured person increased 7.4 percent last year, down from a 9.5 percent rise in 2002 and 10 percent gain in 2001, according to a report by the center for studying health system change, a public policy research organization in washington, d.c.
    according to the associated press the growth rate is still historically high. the inflation rate in 2003 was 1.9 percent. and the gap between the rise in health spending and gross domestic product, which was 3.8 percent last year, widened to 3.6 percentage points, compared with a 30-year average of 2.5 percentage points. read more here.
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