Getting Sick: Sticker shock & debt

  1. Sticker shock: Extras drive up cost of U.S. healthcare

    Five years ago, surgery saved Mabel Coro's life. But with no health insurance, she now faces paying a $15,000 debt. Cases like hers are sparking a renewed debate about universal coverage.

    Miami Herald, April 28, 2003
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  3. by   susanmary
    So the basic question is ... is health care a right or a privilege? We've had this discussion before. It's very sad. A young girl, working poor -- struggling to pay off a large medical bill. In the US, you need to be very rich or very poor -- see this in health care (I'm also seeing it regarding kid's colleges & FAFSA.) This issue is so important & yet people go without health care due to money. And America, as a whole, does not value preventative health care. This is where we need to START -- preventative health care and patient education.

    Costs for in patient care are staggering. With pixis, even have to charge for patient items such as urinal, tissue, bedpan, lotion, powder, etc. -- if we repeatedly take out large amounts of items under floor stock -- we are tracked and spoken to -- "it comes out of the floor's budget."

    Health care is a business. Patients are not items, are not simply names/numbers -- they matter. I'm feeling very PMS & conflicted today. More coffee......