GA to Release Physician Information on internet

    Georgia Legislative Session Passes Measure To Release Physician Information

    Characterized by a small amount of controversial bills, Georgia's 2000-2001 legislative session, marked the second session in a row with few broad changes for managed care. Of significant interest was the passage of the Patients Right to Know Act, which will create a window into the records of Georgia's physicians.

    HB156 requires the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners to create a profile on every physician in Georgia. Endorsed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, the bill gives patients Internet access to extensive information on doctors, including disciplinary actions and basic personal information. The bill was passed minus one controversial amendment, which would have required the profile to list the number of abortions performed by the physician. Chuck McMullen, lobbyist with the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG), said the group is pleased with the final bill and hopes other professions, such as nurses and lawyers, will follow suit and provide similar information. In a time in managed care when patients are switching doctors, said McMullen, it is crucial for patients to have access to information about physicians.
    (The complete text of this article appears in Georgia Managed Care, May 2001)
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