Florida nursing homes get worldwide attention

  1. Florida's agency for healthcare administration is getting international kudos thanks to its expansive florida nursing home guide, an online guide to the state's nearly 700 nursing homes.

    Palm Beach post, jan. 14, 2002
    Florida nursing homes get worldwide attention

    Palm Beach post staff reports
    Monday, january 14, 2002

    The state agency for health care administration has a web winner with its florida nursing home guide, which details florida's nearly 700 nursing homes.

    Since it went online in september, the site has had nearly 48,000 visits, an average of 521 a day. it's not just floridians who are checking out the guide. the web site has had hits from as far away as canada, france and china.

    "I think what's interesting, besides the number of visits, is where they are coming from," said dr. rhonda medows, agency secretary.

    The florida nursing home guide can be found at fdhc.state.fl.us A copy is available in english and spanish from (888) 419-3456.

    The publication gives the nursing home's location, ownership, number of beds, types of services and lowest daily charge. the web version also has links to inspection reports and other performance measures.

    The electronic version is updated every three months.

    -- phil galewitz

    But are these people away of severe staffing shortages reported in previous articles here???
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