Filial Responsibility Laws, Pay Back Medicaid?

  1. On the Geriatric /LTC forum there is a discussion about Filial Responsibilty Laws under the heading of "When they wont Walk" started by Motorcycle Mama. I was blown away to learn that in some states the family( grown children) of elderly parents who were in LTC and were funded by Medicaid had to repay their parents Medicaid costs.Are nursing homes forcing the families of the patient to indemnify themselves to the nursing home for the difference in Medicaid and their actual fees? Who does the family repay the medicaid costs to, the government? Im confused.

    I read that there is a push in the government to have this type of law brought about in all states to help deflect Medicaid expenditures.There are several states that have these laws in place already, but up until recently were not being enforced. Could this actually mean that some families MUST keep their elderly parents at home for care, because it would be financially catastophic if they were required to pay back their Medcaid bill? I could hardly believe this was true, tell me Im wrong. Anybody out ther who knows about this law in depth, any info appreciated.
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