Fellowship Opportunity for Executive Nurses

  1. Fellowship Opportunity for Executive Nurses--Deadline to Apply Feb. 2, 2002

    The Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows Program is an advanced leadership program for nurses in senior executive roles in health services, public health, and nursing education. The three-year fellowships are designed for Fellows to remain in their
    current positions, and offer participating nurses the experiences, insights, and skills necessary to advance in executive leadership positions in a health care system undergoing unprecedented change. Approximately 20 Executive Nurse Fellows are selected
    each year. Each Fellow is awarded a $15,000 leadership account to support self-selected learning activities, independent study, and access to an electronic communications network. In addition, the program provides matching funds up to $15,000 each year
    for the first two years of the program to support a required comprehensive leadership project in the Fellow's home institution. The deadline for receipt of applications by the national program office is February 1 2002. For the full text of the Call for
    Applications, visit The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Web site, http://www.rwjf.org. Once at the site, click on "Applying for a Grant," then "Calls for Proposals."
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