excellent article in sundays NY Times - page 2

March 16, 2003 The Last Shift By SARA CORBETT ... Read More

  1. by   Sleepyeyes
    OK, here's mine:

    To the Editor:
    Sara Corbett's article is outstanding because of its universality and accuracy--a rarity in media coverage of the nursing crisis.
  2. by   leeca

    l live in Australia and we have the same problems. l think it has also alot to do with not enough spaces at uni to become a nurse.

    l am an RN Division 2 and l want to become a RN Division 1 ( l work under the supervision of a Div 1), l have been trying to get into school to achieve this for 2 years, but not enough spaces.

    This year 60% who applied to become nurse didn't get in, the government needs to grant more spaces for us to go to school.

    Thats alot of nurses the hospitals are missing out on.

    l have only been working for 3 weeks and already they have tried rostering me on for 7 days a week. They just can't get the nurses to fill their roster.
  3. by   Cafe
    Great article and I sent a message off to the nytimes also. Public awareness is the route to take. Hospitals aren't budging without outside pressure. Also, their main concern and focus is on recruitment, gambling on the fact that retention of it's older nurses can get by without acknowledgement via decent raises and benefits etc etc etc etc. Keep the older ones happy and the ******** stops and they encourage and draw in more and more new grads!!!! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!