Entry Into Practice:Revisiting the ANA's 1965 First Position Paper on Education

  1. "Entry Into Practice: Revisiting the American Nurses
    Association's First Position Paper on Education for
    Nurses" is the lastest ANA/OJIN online CE offering. This
    Independent Study Module is based on the article by Sister
    Rosemary Donley, PhD,RN,C-ANP,FAAN and Sister
    Mary Jean Flaherty, PhD,RN,FAAN which first appeared
    in the "Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (OJIN)" on May
    31, 2002.

    The purpose of this module is to present: argument in support
    of ANA's first position on education for nurses written in
    1965; the effects of this statement on nursing education and
    practice over the past four decades; the similarities of the
    issues discussed at the policy tables in 1965 and 2002 and the
    challenge for nurses to advocate for better educated nurses with
    stakeholders, their patients and clients in the public and
    private sectors.

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