Drugmakers' use of data-minin co. to track physician prescribing patterns curtailed

  1. [font=verdana,geneva,arial,helvetica,sans-serif][font=verdana,geneva,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]found at physician news digest:
    [font=verdana,geneva,arial,helvetica,sans-serif][font=verdana,geneva,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]drugmakers' use of data-mining companies to track physician prescribing patterns has spawned bills in several states to stop the practice.
    last year, new hampshire became the first state to try to curtail the practice, but a federal district judge recently ruled the law unconstitutional. this year, more than a dozen states have considered similar legislation, including arizona, illinois, kansas, maine, massachusetts, new york, nevada, rhode island, texas, vermont and washington, although the results so far have been limited, reported the washington post. the new hampshire court's ruling has raised new doubts about how effective legislative efforts to curb the use of prescribing data will be, but the state attorney general has promised to appeal, the post added.
    washington post, may 22, 2007
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