CMA/ANA Joint Health Policy Scholars Program

  1. ANA is pleased to serve as partner in the joint program with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Health Policy Scholars Program. Through this program, CMS will select up to five scholars for a an appointment not to exceed 12 months with CMS. Scholars will work with senior CMS staff on policy-related issues and have the opportunity to bring provider perspectives and concerns to CMS. ANA is seeking members who are interested in being nominated for this program. The locations of assignments include Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, DC; and regional offices nationwide. Once final selections are made, CMS will negotiate salary and allowable expenses with the selected scholar's employing institution. The selected scholar must be employed by an eligible organization for at least 90 days prior to entering into an agreement.

    Applicants must have an MD, DO, DDS, RN, or other clinical degree of license and must have completed at least one year of advanced clinical training at an academic institution or other approved organization. An awareness of the application of research and education concerning health care issues is desired.

    If you wish to apply, send your current curriculum vita, along with a cover letter explaining your interest in the program and the contributions you can make to CMS, to:

    Pamela Hagan, MS, RN Chief Programs Officer American Nurses Association 600 Maryland Ave. Suite 100W Washington, DC 20024 (202) 651-7059 Fax: (202) 651-7006 Email:

    The application deadline is September 13, 2002. For further information about the deadline or other details please contact Pam Hagan at the telephone number or e-mail address listed above.
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