Cleveland nurses: Can you explain this? Politics, Issue 15.

  1. Back in 1995 I met 1199 members from New York at the 'Nurses March on Washington'.
    Seems this union is also in Cleveland. If you are too what do you think?
    AFL-CIO revotes, endorses Issue 15


    Mark Naymik
    Politics Writer

    A last-minute change of heart by a labor group gives the campaign for
    Cuyahoga County's health and human-services tax more volunteers to call
    and visit voters before Tuesday's election.

    The Cleveland AFL-CIO Federation of Labor, whose members voted earlier
    this month to remain neutral on the issue, last night reversed itself and
    endorsed the tax. The tax appears on the ballot as Issue 15.

    John Ryan, head of the
    Cleveland AFL-CIO, said the
    labor group is prepared to
    organize union members to
    persuade their co-workers
    and other voters to support
    the tax.

    Members of the AFL-CIO's
    executive committee, some
    of whom individually had
    already endorsed the tax,
    called last night's meeting. It
    marked the first time in 21
    years that the committee
    asked its members to
    reconsider a vote, Ryan said.

    He said the committee believed the tax-supported services, such as day
    care for the working poor and health care services for seniors, outweighed
    the reservations of the labor group.

    Earlier, the Cleveland AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union
    Local 1199 said they would back the tax only if county-supported health
    agencies signed an agreement guaranteeing that their managements
    would remain neutral during union drives. Union leaders said they didn't
    want agencies spending tax dollars to fight their organizing efforts.

    None of the agencies signed the agreement. As a result, SEIU launched
    an aggressive campaign to convince voters that the tax dollars will be
    misspent, while the AFL-CIO voted to remain on the sidelines.

    During last night's closed-door meeting, the SEIU opposed the
    endorsement, said union members who attended the session. More than
    two-thirds of the 130 delegates supported the endorsement.

    "The executive board remains united despite the differences on this issue,
    and the federation will continue to work for neutrality in union organizing,"
    Ryan said.

    Ryan said the AFL-CIO leadership will not criticize the SEIU's campaign.

    Dave Regan, leader of SEIU Local 1199, described last night's debate as
    an "internal matter" and said it would not change his union's position.

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    Kera Ritter
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    Voters last night helped mend the safety net for Cuyahoga County's low-income families, children and seniors by passing the health and human services tax.