Cincinnati hospital braces for nurses strike

  1. Cincinnati hospital braces for nurses strike

    Officials with Cincinnati's University Hospital say the facility will close 316 beds, stop delivering babies and discontinue many other services if its nurses go on strike July 1.

    Patients, ambulances diverted

    By Tim Bonfield,
    The Cincinnati Enquirer
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  3. by   NancyRN
    Something strange about the University Hospital Nurses Union. University Hospital is one of 6 hospitals in the Health Alliance, and yet they are the only ones with a union. I work in a Health Alliance Hospital and no one from University has ever tried to recruit us for the Union.

    When this Union was threatening a strike, University was dumping patients on other Health Alliance hospitals. It seemed as if I was being asked to do strikebreaker work.

    At any rate, the strike was averted by the Hospital agreeing to phase out mandatory overtime within 2 years. Big deal. No other issues or details were released.

    This union did not choose to educate the public about the concerns of its nurses. I contacted this reporter about his lack of details and he replied to me that neither side was talking.