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  1. by   itsnowornever
    Quote from Jeweles26
    Lol, well thats the point, maybe when a hard working middle class nurse starts speaking out, she will get respected, will be recognized as being different, and will A)get appreciation from the rest of the middle class B)get support from women (So much then for the 'Republicans hate women' crud)
    LOL! When I get a job I will most def get more politically involved. BUT who is going to take me seriously? LOL
  2. by   uRNmyway
    I will, let me know and Ill stand by ya!
  3. by   ArrowRN
    Quote from Jeweles26
    Are you sure you question RNDude's grasp of the English language? I would look twice at man-nurse2b's grammar...

    And on that note, man-nurse2b, when you make references to things, you might want to know what you are talking about. That "1%" you refer to, I don't think it means what YOU think it means. Because honestly, I WISH the 1% was how many people thought Obama was doing a good job. That way, he wouldn't get re-elected.
    dang! 99% i mean lol
  4. by   ArrowRN
    Quote from itsnowornever
    I typically stay out of these conversations, but holding the "drop" in unemployment due to the "greatness" of a president is crap. The drop displays as such because people have run out of unemployment funds, not because they have received jobs. Additionally, according to your double negative, Bush did do something about jobs. To further add, Obama (a) pushes education and (b) brags about the 1million manufacturing jobs that he can create. Really? He wants me to spend THOUSANDS (actually I spent a hundred thousand total) in education and he wants me to go into manufacturing? I'm sorry. I have a nursing degree. I did not go to a JC and acquire a mechanics degree. I went to a university and have received a Bachelors degree. How about he force hospitals to hire nurses? Any president that can bail out hospitals and revive our careers has my vote. As far as this "bailing out and saving the car industry" seriously? Have you read the reports lately? I'm talking the REAL reports? GM is looking at bankruptcy AGAIN. Some bail out, more like a waste of my money and my husbands money. They never should have been bailed out to begin with. If we mere nurses mismanage our funds, who helps us? No one. We lose it ALL. If you are going to be quasi-socialist, might as well do something the whole way instead of half &&&.
    nobody is forcing you into manufacturing. The majority of people affected by this so called "depression" were blue collar skiller and unskilled workers, that is why emphasis was made on manufacturing.
    Well you are the first person I know of who said Bush did something good...anyways, to be honest I don't care about all this, I'm an immigrant I cant even vote yet, but I do like to follow politics. You guys can vote for whoever you want. I think if Obama really got what he wanted with the health reform, there would have been lots of growth in health jobs, but again he was blocked, so the government is stagnant until elections. There is nothing anyone can do about it now. but vote and hope your choice makes a difference.
  5. by   uRNmyway
    There again, wrong. Bush was far from perfect, don't get me wrong. I was constantly criticizing him and the decisions he made.
    But I can think of two things he did that had positive repercussions, just offhand. During his presidency, G.W. Bush eliminated late term abortions. You know, when they could basically abort a child at the END of pregnancy, in the third trimester. I might be pro-choice, but I think there is a thin line between letting a woman make choices about her own body and murdering a viable child.
    Also, you know that they killed Osama Bin Laden right? I'm sure you have, because so many people have been cheering Obama for doing this. But how did the government get the intel to find him? Guantanamo Bay, advanced interrogation techniques, all things that Obama said were awful and kept criticizing. So, the Navy Seals find and kill Osama, using intel gained through methods Obama abhors, and yet OBAMA is the one being acclaimed for this? WHAT?! You can't pick and choose what it is convenient to blame on the last presidency. It is Bush's fault that the economy is in the crapper, but Obama is entirely responsible for killing Osama. Mmmkay.
    As far as not caring about what happens because you can't vote. I don't think that is wise. If you do plan to immigrate to America permanently, then you SHOULD care. Because whatever happens, it will affect you, your children, and all future generations.
    And regarding your comment about 'health jobs' being created if Obama had gotten all the reform he wanted...Gosh, where to start...How about you look at all the MDs who are saying they will leave the country, shut down their private offices, stop taking medicare patients (you get my drift) if and when the ACA completely starts taking effect. By the way, I am from Canada, where there is socialized healthcare. And while there may be lots of nursing jobs available, some of the major reasons for that are that the work conditions are terrible, the pay is horrible, and lots of nurses are leaving their hospital positions.
  6. by   itsnowornever
    Jeweles---You will be the first I tell! (after my husband of course!)

    man-nurse---Where did I mention Bush? Remarks made were about Regan who Obama said SPECIFICALLY we will not follow his path again. As an immigrant you should care, why? Because you are in this country. If you are not looking to become a citizen here, then why are you here? If you are looking to become a citizen, please, educate yourself before falling into the hype. What sounds good and looks pretty on the outside, can be really messed up on the inside. With the MDs threatening to leave, where does that leave us? Without jobs. We can't diagnose, we can't do much of anything that the MDs can do....and without them hospitals shut down and we are out of a job. Without proper repayment, hospitals have no money, and where does that leave us? Without jobs. This is what Obama care is going to do. Like I said, if he wants to turn us into socialists, do it all the way, not half way. The second the federal government starts telling private companies what they can and can't do, well, that's the slippery slope and we will be going downhill fast. And no, no one is forcing anyone into a manufacturing job---but just as Obama is making our dollar worthless, he is also making a diploma worthless. Encouraging education, and not stimulating bachelors and higher you really want to be a nurse and have to make cars for GM because Obama for whatever reason is having a love affair with car manufacturers? That's not what I want to do, not now, not ever.

    Additionally, the electoral college is antiquated. It was established when there was NO communication available besides a man and a horse. This made it simpler to count votes and get someone elected. With technology being what it is, the electoral college is no longer needed. Because of the electoral college, it takes a major overhaul to get parties changes as opposed to allowing the public at large to simply VOTE and have their say. There have been a few times in history (at least once since i"ve been alive) that a President has won the electoral vote and lost the popular vote. That is NOT democracy, at all.
  7. by   ArrowRN
    umm I do got a green card, been eligible for citizenship like over 5 years now, why haven't I done it? I dont know, but not everyone who immigrates has a burning desire to be an American citizen, and I'm not the only legal immigrant who thinks so. My country allows dual citizenship, so its not like I have to give that up.In my view, here has a false sense of freedom. You are free until you offend someone and find yourself being sued for something stupid! Race relations and religous tolerance here are terrible, is my main reason. I wish for once people would see me as a man, not a black man and all the stigma that is attached to carrying that title...of am I a criminal, would you grab your purse if I'm walking by, lock the car doors if u see me, just silly stuff, My family has white, black, and east indian, my best friend was indian, his family was hindu, my aunt was white, but here its all about race and all that. No wonder Obama sorta tried to avoid it, and that I understood, yeah it dissapoints the African American that he seems, not to do more for them, but a President can't select a group of people and put them at the top of his agenda, that wont be fair to everyone else. I dunno, its lots of little things like this makes me reconsider what America is about. Then with all the stuff about illegals, it actually makes legal immigrant feel sorta unwelcomed, but noone thinks of the big picture. Immigration reform is something that I also follow. I just recently started thinking about being an American, all is not bad here, I did get a good start. Maybe in 2013 I will.

    Jeweles maybe u were in the wrong part of canada, my sister is a nurse there and she likes it in Calgary. As for a me, I love "socialized" healthcare as you call it. Yeah its not a perfect system, since it often gets over crowded with people who have no business going to the hospitals when they should be at their private doctor for most things, but its better than going bankrupt.My home country has a similar system, it works for the most part, but could be a lot better. One of my long term goal after becoming a nurse, I might go home and try to help improve our "socialized" system. I agree with most everything else you saying...
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  8. by   ArrowRN
    Hey itsnowornever you know what was not democratic...Bush getting the second term.
  9. by   uRNmyway
    man-nurse2b, itsnowornever WAS referring to Bush, or at least that is how I interpreted her statement.
    And I agree, there is a lot of racial tension. But I think that A) Some of it is actually instigated by minorities who THINK they are being treated poorly/differently just because of the color of their skin, when really that is not the case or B) Media and politicians that constantly try to make stories and crimes related to race instead of just the senseless stupid violence that they are really about.

    As far as people clutching their purse or locking their car when you come close...Did it occur to you that it is because you are male, not necessarily because you are black? Because for myself, if as a female I am alone at any time in my car or walking down the street, I will be wary of any male coming close. Why? Because they are bigger than me, and statistically males are perpetrators of more violent crimes. And if anyone makes an aggressive gestures at me, they will get the same reaction, no matter their skin color.

    And you seriously need to look at what Obama has said more. If you honestly think that he has not tried to do things specifically for people of African American descent, then you are either delusional, in denial, or just misinformed.
  10. by   herring_RN
    Quote from nursegwen1
    Hi Everyone I am new here. First and foremost I am an Independent voter and a Registered Nurse. I have read the health care bill and it is scary at best. So many points to make.
    1. It is socialized medicine
    2. There is a "death panel" - a government agency whom decides who gets treatment and when. Anytime a goverment and can decide who should live or die is scary to me. We are going to have to practice unethical nursing....I'm not ok with that.
    3. I was duked by Obama myself and would vote for the Alfac duck at this point.
    Welcome to!

    I'm responding to the first three allegations that are about the Affordable care act.
    1. The new law is not socialized medicine. It would likely have less waste if it were. Medicare, the Veterans Administration, and military hospitals and clinics are socialized medicine. -- medicine
    2. Please read the law. There are no death panels.
    3. Sorry for whatever happened to you. Do you want to explain what it was?
      Read the Law |
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