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    Good web page!!!
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  3. by   nightingale
    I agree.. we do need to care more for ourselves so we can care effectively for other people. Here is a nice poem from that website:

    The word nurse has meaning
    Or so it seems to me.
    It isn't just a title
    Used to describe an employee.
    Exploring our chosen field
    We can attempt to try and define.
    What is our origin and history
    That brings our skills to mind?

    Nurse must have come from two words.
    The first three letters -- N, U, R,
    Surely must be deriven from
    The nurturing given to patients near and far.

    The end of the word is easy.
    The letters -- S, E, stand for "see".
    We observe and assess constantly
    So that advocates we can be.

    Assessment is a keen skill,
    Fine tuned and constantly improving.
    Nurses then do intervention and planning
    To get patients on their feet and moving!

    Our rewards are rich and bountiful.
    We teach prevention and assist the sick.
    A smile, a touch and infinite caring
    Add to the grand profession we've picked!

    -- Paula Guise, RN

  4. by   Mary Dover
    Thank you so much HealingTouch. I just added it to my favorites and created a desktop shortcut to it, without even reading anything there yet. Somehow I just know, I will need it. And need it, and need it.........