Call for Members for ANA Scope and Standards Workgroup

  1. ana will convene a workgroup in january 2002 to revise and develop the scope and standards of clinical nursing practice. the revision will include the aprn standards of practice and performance. the workgroup of 6-9 members will be working on a very ambitious timeline to finalize the draft document for web-based field review by december 2002.

    work group members should:

    -represent practice, education and administration areas
    -represent clinical nurse and aprn roles
    -have an understanding of the broad scope of nursing and specialty practice and a vision for the desired future state
    -have an appreciation of the historical perspective
    -have at least 5 years practice experience and be currently actively practicing nursing
    -represent diverse care settings

    critical thinking and visioning are essential for the success of the workgroup. members are expected to represent various perspectives. distribution by educational preparation, gender, ethnicity, geographic representation are considered for appointment to this workgroup. while a face to face meeting is projected in the spring, the bulk of the work will be accomplished through available telecommunications technologies.

    please direct any questions to yvonne humes, at or carol bickford, phd, rn bc,

    nominations are due by january 18, 2002.

    contact psna at if you are interested in being nominated for this work group. psna will assist you in filling out the forms and returning to ana. you must contact psna with
    your interest well in advance of the deadline to assure enough time to prepare the application and submit to ana.

    if you live outside pa, contact your state or federal cma. karen
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