Board of Nursing and Complaint Filed Against Them

  1. So I believe I have a case of which could be discrimination with the board. I have never done anything ever, including being impaired. I do have a mental illness, but it does not impair me in a way of which I would be "unfit" to practice. I have spoken with an attorney who believes I have a case, but he wants $2,500 as a retainer. I am trying to speak with multiple people to try and get this taken care of, but ACLU will take 4-8 weeks to respond.
    I do have an ATP (Alternative Program) contract of which I was sort of 'scammed' into with a deadline of a few hours after getting it changed from an official stipulation.

    Thing is they literally have no reason to have me on this ATP. None. I don't do substances, or abused them. I don't divert medications. I don't even work in an environment that would allow that. Nothing.

    What else can I do?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Check with the referral service at TAANA Executive Office - Home to find an attorney who could help you for a smaller fee.
  4. by   ahcolwell
    I appreciate the response, but I ended up having to just get a word of mouth lawyer to help me. I'm hoping to be able to retain her.