Attaining Nursing Power: The Nurses

  1. georgetown university hospital nursing

    we've redefined the nursing environment. with opportunities beyond your imagination. and:
    • empowerment that puts nursing at the center of world-class care
    • the challenges of a major teaching hospital
    • an indescribable special bond that makes nurses friends as well as colleagues
    • a national reputation for excellence - earned locally every day

    sitting at the table of power:
    these are the job descriptions most hospital senior nursing management should have:
    senior vice president, hospital operations and cno
    her responsibilities encompass strategic planning, administration, and oversight of hospital operations across ...divisions. these include such diverse areas as nursing, clinical support functions such as lab, interventional services, radiology, respiratory therapy, etc., facilities management, building and renovations, nutrition services, materials management, environmental services, human resources, property management, and biomedical engineering.

    vice president, nursing and patient care services
    her executive staff responsibilities include strategic planning and program development in clinical services in collaboration with the medical director. she works closely with unit coordinators and other department heads in overseeing management of patient care, including facilitating quality, cost-efficient care delivery and discharge planning, evaluation of care delivery modalities, ensuring competency in practitioners, and providing for education development of nursing staff. operating and capital budgets are developed for the service within required cost targets.

    putting managers on the map:....clinical nursing managers

    bsn/ms scholarship supporting rn's to move to the next level
    we'll pay up to 100% of your tuition.
    initially, the scholarship program provides tuition for part-time studies (up to 9 credit hours) paid as follows:
    • <li class=copy>40% grant per credit from georgetown university hospital <li class=copy>40% grant per credit from the school of nursing & health studies
    • 20% per credit paid by the student

    wonderful warm, caring and supportive nursing attitude comes across this website which is totally separate from hospital site.. have know of this facilities reputation for years and hoping the real experience of working there matches the websites description.

    stumbled across this site in my internet wanderings. since i'm working with my health system on its website redesign, just had to check out the web link....will have to share this site with my colleagues.

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