ANA2001 House of Delegates Actions

  1. 2001 House of Delegates Actions

    The 2001 House of Delegates met from June 29 through July 1, 2001 and passed the first revision to the Code for Nurses (renamed the Code of Ethics for Nurses) since 1985. Delegates supported ANA's Call to the Profession for September 2001, where nurses across the disciplines will gather to address nursing and staffing shortages.

    In other important actions, the house laid the groundwork for major initiatives which will be undertaken in the coming year, to reshape the association and better position it to respond to the challenges facing the profession in the twenty-first century, including future organizational structure, changes in bylaws, and the first dues increase in more than 10 years. Important action was also taken to support nurses working in prisons and other criminal justice environments, to recognize the nurse's role in end of life care, to the commitment to oppose discrimination experienced by nurses based upon sexual orientation in the military.
    The house also advocated the reduction of unnecessary and duplicative paperwork; supported increased funding for AIDS/HIV research and care; and called for the immediate cessation of bombing on Vieques, Puerto Rico.

    Topics addressed:
    *Bylaws Amendments
    *Advertising Policy with Respect to Discrimination (FedNA)
    *ANA's Envisioned Future and Strategic Goals (BOD-3)
    *ANA's Future
    *Code of Ethics for Nurses (BOD-1)
    *Examining the Critical Issues Impacting Nursing Practice in the Prison, Jail, and Juvenile Setting (WI/KS)
    *Increase in ANA Dues Conversion Factor (BOD-2)
    *Nursing's Agenda to Shape the Future - for the Profession and for Safe, Quality Care Delivery (BOD-4)
    *Professional Nursing Practice, End-of-Life Care and Organ Donation (Ny-2)
    *Reduction of Unnecessary or Duplicative Documentation and Paperwork (NY-1)
    *Resolution Calling for the US Government to Cease Bombing of Vieques, Puerto Rico (NY-3)
    *Studying and Addressing Discrimination Experienced by Nurses in the US Uniformed Services (MI)


    *Courtesy Resolution Recognizing Contributions to ANA by Vanderbilt, Raphel, and Sapin
    *Courtesy Resolution Wishing a Speedy Recovery for Vice President Cheny
    *Establish Procedure for Financial Needs Assessment Analysis and Report to the House
    *Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS
    *Motion to Turn off Electronic Devices During the House of Delegates' Sessions

    Complete 2001 House Actions available here:
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